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RS-W 7.0

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Starfire RS-W 7.0

Designed for use on CUVs and SUVs, the RS-W 7.0 is a studless winter tire that offers drivers strong traction on icy and snowy highway and city roads.


Numéro D'articleGrandeurStock
SF 162139007215/55R18 95T (27.3")0
SF 162148007255/55R18 109T (29")0
SF 162149007AG245/70R16 107T (29.5")0
SF 162149007245/70R16 107T (29.5")3
SF 162150007245/55R19 103T (29.6")0
SF 162145007AG235/70R16 106T (29")0
SF 162145007235/70R16 106T (29")2
SF 162001007235/65R17 104T (29")0
SF 162075007AG235/60R16 100T (27.1")0
SF 162075007235/60R16 100T (27.1")0
SF 162151007265/60R18 110T (30.5")14
SF 162142007235/55R18 100T (28.2")0
SF 162138007235/55R17 99T (27.2")0
SF 162140007235/50R18 97T (27.3")0
SF 162074007225/70R16 103T (28.4")1
SF 162074007AG225/70R16 103T (28.4")0
SF 162143007225/65R17 102T (28.5")0
SF 162144007225/60R18 100T (28.6")0
SF 162141007225/55R18 98T (27.7")0
SF 162017007215/60R17 96T (27.2")0
SF 162139007AG215/55R18 95T (27.3")0
SF 90000028073235/55R17 99T (27.2")0
SF 162152007265/65R17 112T (30.6")0