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Hankook H750

Just one, whatever the weather. The tire compound guarantees high grip even at low temperatures, while the extra-wide grooves disperse water and slush efficiently to the sides. Yet even when the summer heat makes demands on the tire, it impresses with short braking distances due to the solid block structure. The performance package of the Kinergy 4S2 is rounded off by a low rolling noise due to the zigzag pattern in the center of the tread.

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Numéro D'articleGrandeurStock
HN 1026501185/65R15 (24.5")0
HN 1027014245/40R19 (26.7")0
HN 1024978245/40R18 (25.7")0
HN 1027006235/60R17 102H (28.1")0
HN 1026995235/55R17 (27.2")0
HN 1024969235/50R18 101V (27.3")0
HN 1027007235/50R17 (26.3")0
HN 1026997235/45R18 (26.3")12
HN 1027016235/40R19 (26.4")16
HN 1027009225/60R18 100H (28.6")2
HN 1027002225/60R16 (26.6")0
HN 1027010225/55R18 (27.7")0
HN 1024963225/55R17 101W (26.7")0
HN 1027011225/50R18 (26.9")0
HN 1026943225/50R17 (25.9")0
HN 1026996225/45R18 (26")0
HN 1026500225/45R17 (25")0
HN 1027000225/40R18 (25.1")0
HN 1024946195/60R15 (24.2")0
HN 1026493195/65R15 (25")4
HN 1024957205/50R17 (25.1")0
HN 1026993205/55R16 (24.9")0
HN 1026944205/60R16 (25.7")0
HN 1024949205/65R15 (25.5")0
HN 1026998245/45R18 (26.7")0
HN 1027001205/65R16 (26.5")0
HN 1024959215/50R17 (25.5")0
HN 1024954215/55R16 (25.3")0
HN 1027005215/55R17 (26.3")8
HN 1026994215/60R16 (26.2")0
HN 1026945215/65R16 102V (27")0
HN 1027003215/70R16 100H (27.9")0
HN 1024960215/45R17 (24.6")0
HN 1027015245/45R19 (27.7")0