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Dynapro HT RH12

  • All Season
  • Sidewalls: Black Sidewall
  • Warranty: 40k Mile
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Hankook Dynapro HT RH12

Combining all-season functionality with performance for highway driving. A sport truck and SUV tire that provides a smooth, powerful ride, the Dynapro HT provides greater mileage through specialized treadwear. Excellent snow traction makes driving possible on winter roads while low-rolling resistance offers excellent fuel economy.

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Numéro D'articleGrandeurStock
HN 2001864195/75R16 107R (27.5")32
HN 1017446265/70R16 111T (30.6")0
HN 1014304265/70R16 111T (30.6")0
HN 1014305265/70R17 113T (31.6")0
HN 1014313265/70R18 114T (32.6")0
HN 1011341265/75R16 114T (31.6")0
HN 1013171275/55R20 113T (31.9")30
HN 1013844275/60R20 114T (33")12
HN 1016508275/65R18 116H (32.1")20
HN 1016510285/45R22 114H (32.1")3
HN 2020048LT215/85R16 115Q (30.4")0
HN 2021163LT225/75R16 115S (29.3")0
HN 2001831LT225/75R16 115S (29.3")0
HN 2020055LT235/75R15 104S (28.9")0
HN 2020052LT235/80R17 120R (31.8")0
HN 2020047LT235/85R16 120Q (31.7")0
HN 2020054LT245/70R17 119S (30.5")0
HN 2020056LT245/75R16 120S (30.5")0
HN 2020051LT245/75R17 121S (31.5")0
HN 2020050LT265/70R17 121S (31.6")0
HN 2001812LT265/75R16 123S (31.6")0
HN 1025247P265/70R16 111T (30.6")0
HN 1013843265/65R18 112T (31.6")0
HN 2021485LT245/70R17 119S (30.5")8
HN 1014317265/65R17 110T (30.6")0
HN 1013169265/60R18 110T (30.5")19
HN 2020826205/75R16 113R (28.1")34
HN 1014308215/70R16 99T (27.9")0
HN 1014070225/65R17 102H (28.5")0
HN 1014790225/70R16 101T (28.4")0
HN 1014791225/75R16 104T (29.3")0
HN 2021213235/65R16 (28")0
HN 2001863235/65R16 121R (28")32
HN 1014303235/70R16 107T (29")0
HN 1014318235/70R17 108T (30")0
HN 1014307235/75R15 108T (28.9")0
HN 1014315235/75R16 109T (29.9")0
HN 1014789245/65R17 105T (29.5")0
HN 1014302245/70R16 106T (29.5")0
HN 1014310245/70R17 108T (30.5")0
HN 1015220245/75R16 109S (30.5")11
HN 1014311245/75R16 109T (30.5")0
HN 1021744255/70R16 111T (30.1")27
HN 1014314255/70R16 109T (30.1")0
HN 1014354255/70R17 110T (31.1")0
HN 1014352255/70R18 112T (32.1")0
HN 1017448265/60R18 109T (30.5")0
HN 1024246265/60R18 (30.5")10
HN 2021454LT245/75R16 120R (30.5")13