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Wildpeak H/T02 HD

  • All Season
  • Warranty: 50k Mile
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Falken Wildpeak H/T02 HD

Featuring rigid tread blocks and a rugged upper sidewall, the H/T02 is built to meet and exceed the demands of today’s pickup truck drivers, from construction site activities to towing and hauling duties.



Part NumberSizeStock
FK 28824254185/60R15 94T (23.7")0
FK 28820025LT275/65R20 126S (34.1")0
FK 28820803LT275/65R18 123S (32.1")4
FK 28820505LT265/75R16 123S (31.6")0
FK 28820127LT265/70R18 124S (32.6")0
FK 28820712LT265/70R17 121S (31.6")0
FK 28820128LT265/60R20 121S (32.5")0
FK 28820711LT245/75R17 121S (31.5")0
FK 28820703LT275/70R18 125S (33.2")4
FK 28820494LT245/75R16 120S (30.5")0
FK 28820474LT235/85R16 120S (31.7")0
FK 28827616LT235/80R17 120R (31.8")0
FK 28820627LT225/75R16 115S (29.3")0
FK 28827464LT215/85R16 115R (30.4")0
FK 28827163235/65R16 121R (28")0
FK 28827452225/75R16 121R (29.3")0
FK 28827502195/75R16 107R (27.5")0
FK 28827718LT245/70R17 119R (30.5")0
FK 28820611LT285/75R16 126S (32.8")0