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  • All Season, Performance
  • Sidewalls: Black Sidewall
  • Warranty: 60k Mile
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Nitto NT420V

NT420V Luxury Truck & SUV Tire is designed as the perfect complement to your vehicle’s aesthetics. The eye-catching asymmetrical tread pattern creates two distinct zones for both dry handling and wet performance, while also enabling cross-rotation for longer tread life. The result is a high-performance, attention-grabbing tire that is a great choice year-round.



Part NumberSizeStock
NT 206990285/40R20 108V (29")19
NT 206660LT305/55R20 125S (33.2")18
NT 207740LT305/50R22 124S (34")16
NT 208750LT305/50R20 (32")0
NT 207760325/35R22 114W (31")0
NT 207770315/35R20 110W (28.7")16
NT 207710315/30R22 107W (29.4")10
NT 203950305/50R20 120H (32")0
NT 203940305/45R22 118H (32.8")0
NT 208740305/40R23 (32.6")11
NT 203960305/40R22 114H (31.6")23
NT 207690305/35R24 112H (32.4")27
NT 206780295/45R20 114V (30.5")3
NT 207680295/35R24 110H (32.1")31
NT 207670295/30R22 103V (29")16
NT 207640285/50R20 116V (31.2")18
NT 203930285/45R22 114H (32.1")46
NT 207490285/40R22 110W (31")25
NT 207650265/35R22 102V (29.3")25
NT 207470265/40R22 106V (30.3")13
NT 206790265/45R20 108V (29.4")11
NT 203090265/50R20 111V (30.4")0
NT 207720275/35R22 104W (29.6")14
NT 206740275/40R20 106W (28.7")24
NT 205690LT315/45R22 121S (33.2")14
NT 207480275/40R22 107V (30.7")45
NT 206980275/45R22 112V (31.7")7
NT 207750275/50R22 111H (32.8")36
NT 203920275/55R20 117H (31.9")36
NT 206750275/60R20 116H (33")20
NT 206760285/35R22 106W (29.9")10
NT 207730285/35R24 108V (31.9")28
NT 206770275/45R20 110V (29.7")2
NT 206730LT325/50R20 124S (32.8")8