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Nitto NT-05

The NT05™ is a max performance tire engineered to complement the power of your vehicle. It was developed through extensive computer simulation modeling and on-track testing. The rigorous development process helped produce a street tire that provides precise and responsive handling and performance. Knowing the tire is responding to your inputs will inspire your confidence.



Part NumberSizeStock
NT 207350205/50R15 89W (23.1")0
NT 207020275/35R18 99W (25.6")0
NT 207100275/35R19 100W (26.6")5
NT 207220275/35R20 102W (27.6")0
NT 207040275/40R20 106W (28.7")0
NT 207010275/40R17 98W (25.7")0
NT 207050275/40R18 99W (26.7")0
NT 207390275/35R18 95W (25.6")0
NT 207140285/35R18 101W (25.9")0
NT 207150295/35R18 99W (26.1")0
NT 207410295/40R18 103W (27.3")0
NT 207170295/45R18 112W (28.5")0
NT 207320305/30R20 103W (27.2")0
NT 207380305/35R19 102W (27.4")0
NT 207000315/35R17 102W (25.7")0
NT 207400295/35R18 99W (26.1")0
NT 207110315/35R20 110W (28.7")0
NT 207070275/30R19 96W (25.5")0
NT 207230255/45R20 101W (29")0
NT 207240225/40R18 92W (25.1")0
NT 207190225/40R19 93W (26.1")4
NT 207360225/45R17 94W (25")0
NT 207080235/35R19 91W (25.5")0
NT 207160235/40R18 95W (25.4")0
NT 207120235/40R17 90W (24.4")0
NT 207060265/35R18 97W (25.3")0
NT 207330235/45R17 97W (25.3")0
NT 207030245/40R18 97W (25.7")2
NT 207200245/40R19 98W (26.7")0
NT 207340255/35R18 94W (25")0
NT 207210255/35R20 97W (27")0
NT 207130255/40R17 98W (25")0
NT 207370255/40R19 100W (27")0
NT 207090245/35R19 93W (25.8")0
NT 207180335/30R19 103W (26.9")0