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Nomad Grappler

  • 3PMS, All Weather
  • Warranty: 60k Mile
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Nitto Nomad Grappler

The Nomad GrapplerTM is a versatile crossover-terrain tire for CUV's for those looking to get the most out of their vehicle to explore new destinations.



Part NumberSizeStock
NT 212020215/65R17 103T (28")0
NT 211970265/45R20 108H (29.4")0
NT 212140255/65R18 115T (31.1")6
NT 212220255/60R18 112H (30")4
NT 212170255/55R20 110H (31")4
NT 212200255/50R20 109H (30")4
NT 212040255/45R20 105V (29")0
NT 211980245/70R17 114T (30.5")12
NT 211960245/65R17 111H (29.5")8
NT 212210245/60R20 111H (31.6")7
NT 212110245/60R18 109H (29.6")0
NT 212050265/50R20 111V (30.4")3
NT 212030245/50R20 105H (29.6")16
NT 212070235/65R17 108H (29")16
NT 212080235/60R18 107V (29.1")27
NT 212190235/55R20 105H (30.2")4
NT 212160235/55R18 104H (28.2")0
NT 212130235/55R17 103H (27.2")0
NT 212100225/65R17 106H (28.5")19
NT 212150225/60R18 104H (28.6")20
NT 212090225/60R17 103H (27.6")0
NT 212180225/55R18 102H (27.7")2
NT 212060225/55R17 101H (26.7")0
NT 212120235/65R18 110H (30")8
NT 211990265/60R18 114H (30.5")12