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EXO Grappler

  • 3PMS, All Weather
  • Sidewalls: Black Sidewall
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Nitto EXO Grappler

The Exo Grappler™ AWT is built to meet the all-weather demands of off-road truck enthusiasts. Whether their journey takes them through off-road trails, gravel, or farmland, the Exo Grappler AWT is built for 4-seasons of 4-wheeling. Featuring an all-new chip resistant all-weather compound, 3-ply sidewall construction, and large, thick sidewall lugs, the Exo Grappler AWT provides armor for the elements.



Part NumberSizeStock
NT 20690035x12.50R17 121Q (35")0
NT 206620LT325/60R20 126Q (35.4")0
NT 206930LT305/55R20 121Q (33.2")0
NT 206570LT295/55R20 123Q (32.8")0
NT 201310LT285/70R18 127Q (33.7")0
NT 206860LT285/70R17 121Q (32.7")0
NT 201330LT285/65R20 127Q (34.6")0
NT 201300LT285/65R18 125Q (32.6")0
NT 201340LT285/60R20 125Q (33.5")0
NT 201290LT285/55R20 122Q (32.3")0
NT 206960LT275/70R18 125Q (33.2")0
NT 206950LT275/65R20 126Q (34.1")0
NT 206910LT275/65R18 123Q (32.1")0
NT 206580LT275/60R20 123Q (33")0
NT 201320LT275/55R20 120Q (31.9")1
NT 206870LT265/70R17 121Q (31.6")7
NT 206590LT265/65R18 122Q (31.6")0
NT 206940LT245/75R17 121Q (31.5")0
NT 206890LT235/80R17 120Q (31.8")0
NT 20139037x13.50R17 121Q (37")0
NT 20688035x12.50R20 121Q (35")0
NT 20692035x12.50R18 123Q (35")0
NT 20140035x11.50R20 124Q (35")0
NT 20141037x13.50R20 127Q (37")0