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Eurowinter HS01

  • 3PMS, Winter
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Falken Eurowinter HS01

Developed to perform even in the most frigid European winters, the Eurowinter HS01 provides experienced drivers with confident grip and predictable performance. Falken engineers utilized 4D Nano Design technology to ensure the studless HS01 remains pliable in freezing temperatures, while 3D Canyon Sipes provide increased snow and ice traction without compromising vehicle stability. Plus, an all-new tread pattern with Central Transverse Grooves delivers improved water evacuation for exceptional wet handling. Modern high-performance vehicles demand capable tires, which is why every Eurowinter HS01 and HS01 SUV carries a V or W speed rating. While some tires are designed to weather the storm, the Eurowinter HS01 is built to help you conquer it.



Part NumberSizeStock
FK 28522781205/45R17 (24.3")0
FK 28522996255/40R19 100V (27")1
FK 28523844255/40R18 (26")0
FK 28523001255/35R20 (27")3
FK 28522863245/55R18 103V (28.6")0
FK 28522820245/50R18 104V (27.6")0
FK 28522904245/45R19 102V (27.7")75
FK 28522865245/45R18 100V (26.7")34
FK 28522784245/45R17 (25.7")0
FK 28523002245/40R20 (27.7")3
FK 28522974245/40R19 (26.7")0
FK 28522894245/40R18 (25.7")0
FK 28523271245/35R21 (27.8")0
FK 28522970235/55R19 105V (29.2")18
FK 28522270255/40R20 101V (28")0
FK 28522825235/50R18 101V (27.3")0
FK 28522794235/45R17 (25.3")0
FK 28522893235/40R18 (25.4")0
FK 28523983235/35R19 (25.5")0
FK 28522762225/55R17 101V (26.7")0
FK 28522772225/50R17 (25.9")9
FK 28522937225/45R19 (27")23
FK 28522824225/45R18 (26")9
FK 28522795225/45R17 (25")0
FK 28522971225/40R19 (26.1")35
FK 28523892225/40R18 (25.1")0
FK 28522792215/45R17 (24.6")6
FK 28522483205/55R16 (24.9")0
FK 28522770205/50R17 (25.1")2
FK 28522895235/45R18 (26.3")0
FK 28522866255/45R18 103V (27")0