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Espia EPZ II

  • 3PMS, Winter
  • Sidewalls: Black Sidewall
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Falken Espia EPZ II

Ensures driving confidence in the harshest winter conditions. Using the latest technology in tread design, compound and construction, the EPZ II is an excellent blend of winter performance and longer tread wear.



Part NumberSizeStock
FK 28314442175/65R14 86T (23")0
FK 28314725235/55R17 99T (27.2")0
FK 28314825235/50R18 101T (27.3")64
FK 28314673225/65R16 100T (27.5")0
FK 28314480225/60R16 102T (26.6")0
FK 28314762225/55R17 101T (26.7")35
FK 28314772225/50R17 98T (25.9")3
FK 28314824225/45R18 95T (26")30
FK 28314795225/45R17 94T (25")0
FK 28314892225/40R18 92T (25.1")0
FK 28314477215/70R15 98T (26.9")0
FK 28314681215/65R16 98T (27")0
FK 28314479215/60R16 99T (26.2")3
FK 28314727215/55R17 98T (26.3")0
FK 28314626205/65R16 95T (26.5")0
FK 28314544205/65R15 99T (25.5")0
FK 28314652205/60R16 96T (25.7")1
FK 28314483205/55R16 94T (24.9")61
FK 28314543195/65R15 95T (25")0
FK 28314551195/60R15 92T (24.2")0
FK 28314542185/65R15 92T (24.5")0
FK 28314443185/65R14 90T (23.5")0
FK 28314516185/60R15 88T (23.7")0
FK 28314563175/65R15 88T (24")0
FK 28317771215/50R17 (25.5")22
FK 28317662215/55R16 (25.3")11